Opening a company in Nigeria is a highly profitable way to solve a variety of business problems. We provide a complete solution for registering a company in Nigeria, including tax and other regulatory registrations.

Our process includes offering advice and guidelines on other legitimate documents that you need to run your business efficiently without troubles from government (Federal, State and Local level).

By the provisions of section 21 of the CAMA, the various kinds of company that can be formed under the Act are as follows:

(a) Company Limited by Shares
This is a company in which the financial liability of its members is limited by their shares, hence, they are known as shareholders i.e In the event, the company winds up or becomes insolvent, they will not be liable unless the member if any, that has not fully paid up the value of shares held.

(b) Company Limited by Guarantee
This is a company in which the financial liability of its members (known as guarantors), in the event of it being wound up or insolvent, is limited up to the amount guaranteed to be contributed to the assets of the company, which cannot be less than N100,000.

(c) Unlimited Liability Company
An unlimited liability company in Nigeria is the one where its members’ financial liability in the event of it being wound up has no limit. Where the financial liability of the company exceeds its assets, the company may reach into its members’ personal property to liquidate its debt. In other words, its members have a joint and non-limited obligation to contribute to the assets of the company to enable settlement of its financial liability, if any, in the event of the company’s insolvency.
The above-stated types of companies may be registered as a private company or a public company.