Employee productivity makes or breaks an organization’s success. Employees are often referred to as human capital, and not without reason. A company’s combined workforce holds all the skills, experience, knowledge, attitudes, and motivations to create the life-force that sustains a business.

All other forms of capital are static, and although they can increase in number and monetary value, they need the workforce to drive that improvement. Employees are the only capital that can develop themselves and contribute collectively towards a company’s achievements.

But workplace productivity doesn’t just happen spontaneously. Various factors determine how productive your staff will become. .

In recent years, the way employees work has changed significantly. While it once seemed far-fetched to think that an employee could work anywhere other than a corporate workspace, the exponentially increasing trend line of his work is, which proves otherwise. As we all change the way we work, the natural question arises whether these new challenges can result in lost employee productivity.

Managers use various strategies to maximize their staff`s potential. A performance improvement plan is one such strategy that enables employee development through honest feedback and actionable steps for improvement. When used in the appropriate situations, it can benefit both employees and the company.

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